Potions - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep. 4

פורסם בתאריך 17 פבר 2018
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Outro music: "Your Call" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  • Alan, your videos are some of the best animations I have ever seen. Each and every one takes a few basic concepts (i.e. stick figures, Minecraft, and potions) and sort of mixes them all into one video, with very smooth animations and an entertaining plot. It isn't a fairytale, it isn't a hero's adventure slaying every monster in existence, but it instead mixes realistic people with the drama of existing inside a computer, or, in this case, Minecraft. Every episode elaborates on the curiosity and drama of each of the stick figures, making it never just one main character throughout the series. Amazing content!

  • This is an amazing example of how discoveries are made.

  • I love how Alan just let them have their little adventure fun on his computer desktop lmao

  • I think we all need to acknowledge the fact that, even though the Stickmen have more experience, they still got their asses handed to them by a pig that was only minutes old.

  • After re watching the entire series a few times, i realized that each colour has their own special abilities. Blue is really good at farming and potions, red is really good with animals, green is really good with music and building, yellow is good with redstone and command blocks, and orange is like an all rounder who is decent at all of them. Did anyone else notice this?

  • Blue:Potion Maker

  • This one was one of the best AVM yet

  • 0:53

  • to some people who thought he was planting on dirt, the original farmland block is 1 pixel shorter and the side texture is dirt but the top texture is farmland

  • Reuben: Drinks a Potion of Invincibility (That's how I call it)

  • Back when we were one episode from absolute greatness, and nobody knew it yet.

  • I really wish that all of Allen's video had English subtitles. There a few that don't. They're still great to watch, but I'd like to see what they are actually saying every now and then. Especially with the music battles.

  • I am loving this series so far, it may not stay completely true to minecraft logic, but that gives it a bit of a charm to it. And I LOVE that each one of them has their own way of playing, like the red one likes animals, and the blue one likes farming or plants, and the yellow is good at redstone, and green with building, they all have different perspectives on minecraft, AND ITS AWESOME! Please Alan, continue to make these, ignore the hate, and look at the love. But don't overwhelm yourself to the point of ignoring your responsibilities as a parent, but just continue to do what your doing. We love ya!

  • This whole video perfectly conveys how I felt when I first discovered potions in minecraft. I would just mess around to see what I could or couldn’t do. Once more, your stunning fight choreography never fails to impress.

  • "I'm gonna have to take a bath after this."

  • Blue's a total badass for using a shovel as a spoon- But them discovering potions was very interesting to watch, as their enjoyment of flora and growth developed into brewing, and how their increased curiosity in the concept results in them losing control, and somehow getting drunk on all these potions, and getting DESTROYED by a pig, in the process having to deal with it AS A TEAM, because this thing just got so powerful. Really makes you think, that if Red went loose, and had access to these potions, things may have turned out much less in the other stick figures' favour...

  • Green: Musical Extraordinaire/Artistic Guru (Bard)

  • i come back to these from time to time and i love how all the stickmen have their own interests

  • Ah yes, Alan Becker, the creator of my favorite flash animations in 2008 or so. Fantastic stuff.

  • What I love about these animations is that they are abstract so much that they are entertaining.